{Bespoken: From old english say, to reference of the adjective Bespoke.}

_Suggests: Be evidence of, to manifest, to demonstrate_


Analytical yet creative approach to design turns a small inspiration into a style statement that remains timeless. Passion, innovation, tradition and discipline are the heart of our work. The structures pieces made in our atelier are as precious as the ones they belong to; we call them single editions. Our mission is to celebrate and promote individuality by creating garments with style and functions that reflects one’s personality and way of living.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”                                          Gabrielle Chanel

The Experience

We believe that our clients deserve to get the proper knowledge in order to be guided through this process. Our master tailor and designer explains morphology; therefore cuts that should be taken in consideration and fabrics that could be used to well understand the best options to achieve the wished look. The experience itself remains custom to our client’s needs and wants. Every detail possible to make this experience memorable is taken to consideration.

The Bespoke tradition

The garments made in our facilities are executed in deep respect of the traditional art of tailor made craftsmanship. At Bespokenov, we take this matter very seriously and honour the steps of making a real bespoke hand made creation.


House of Bespokenov shares their precious and rare knowledge throughout privates courses and professionnal apprenticeship. Bespoke craftmanship is a rare and delicate art that transcend time and trends.

The classes offered within the atelier are intended for students, professionals or craft enthusiasts. Throughout the completion of modules, Cinthya Chalifoux, tailor and designer, will teach you the Bespoke art.

For more information, please contact us at info@bespokenov.com.

The House

We believe we will always be apprentices, there are so many ways to learn, every day, every garment and development pushes the boundaries, brings the mind forward and that, to us it is a blessing, a chance to explore. Bespokenov is a manifest of this line of thoughts. The clothing is an art and the Bespokenov's mission is to perpetuate the "Métier d'art" tradition, one customer experience at the time.


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We work by appointment only in our private salon or at a preferred location. Please contact us to know more about our mobile services terms.