The vision of the Maison Bespokenov

The vision of the Maison Bespokenov is embodied in a series of ethereal videos, featuring Montreal singer and composer APigeon. These short films represent the constant rebirth and renewal of Bespokenov, the evolution of our craft, and our unwavering commitment the les métiers d’art. The dreamy visions of APigeon, delicately enveloped in our garments, are simultaneously an ode to the arts of the past and a bold statement of our present and future. The soundtrack of the videos, composed by APigeon, evokes a sense of progression and evolution, with stripped down and raw modular sounds that build up into complex, festive arrangements. Our collaboration intends to capture the end of a mutation and the beginning of a new form, which is exactly where both APigeon and Maison Bespokenov chose to live creatively every day.

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