The artisans serie | Proud to collaborate with M&S Schmalberg

M&S Schmalberg, a family business since 1916, is the last atelier of handcrafted custom silk flowers in North America. Their handcrafted flowers are benn many using an ancestral process that provide the customer with an exquisite quality flowers. Their gorgeous products has featured in magazines, many red carpet and runways. We had such a great time in shop with Adam that we felt like highlighting his point of view in regards of our Artisans profile serie. Here are his answers to a quick Q&A :

Q. Do you have a “signature” style of flowers?
A. We do not have a “signature” style. What we are known for more than anything is the ability to customize and innovate.

Q. What flower are you most proud of having done?
A. I love projects where we are able to use our tools and expertise to help achieve a customer’s unique vision. The more unique the more I like it. =)

Q. What is the 2017 flower – trends of the moment?
A. Flower Petal Dresses (i.e.: customer’s taking single ply petals and stitching them on to their dresses).

Q. How many hours of work is in one flower?
A. It is an assembly line, so an exact time is difficult. Figure anywhere from minutes to a couple of hours

Q. What is the process for a custom flower?
A. A quick explanation: Fabric is sized to create extra body. The petals are then die cut and embossed using our vintage flower tools. Finally, the individual components are all assembled together to create a beautiful custom fabric flower.

Q. How many flower types do you have?
A. We have thousands of vintage flower dies and moulds that can create a virtually infinite array of flowers. Any of these styles can be made in any material.

Q. What is the “faux pas” to never do with the flower?
A. Have them made in China =)

To learn more about M&S Shmalberg, visite their website: