The artisans serie | Proud to collaborate with Lucie Grégoire

Lucie Grégroire atelier’s Comme un chapeau is one of our last millinery ateliers in Montreal. Her sublimes creations were exhibited in many museums worldwide and had served to adorn some famous heads like Johnny Depp and John Turturro in the movie Secret Window.

Comme un chapeau is also a training place where you can learn the basics of millinery. Lucie passes on her knowledge to students, professionals and the curious of the millinery industry. In these classes, you will learn the difference between the styles, the fabrics and how to create your hats while introducing you to the wonderful world of millinery.

We had such a great time with Lucie in her atelier that we felt like highlighting her point of view in regards of our Artisans profile serie. Here are her answers to a quick Q&A:

Q. Do you have a fetish hat?
A.  Fedora is one of my favorite hat is mainly made of felt with a wide rim.

Q. What is the hat of 2017 – the trend of the moment?
A. The trend of 2017 is in diversity: turbans, boaters and tribys in many colours as possible.

Q. How much time do you spend making a hat?
A. The creation of a hat varies depending on the style and fabric since the time of moulding, drying, cutting and finishing is not the same: e.g – Felt and straw hats can take 3 to 8 hours.

Q. What are the steps in creating a hat?
A. A brief explanation: With the client, the style of the hat is determined by taking into account its physiognomy and its character. Next, the choice of fabrics and filling is made and then it will be defined. For the fabrication, the hat is moulded, dried, cut and finished.

Q. How many types of hats can you do?
A. I can make several styles but I don’t do the bowler hats and toppers because it requires a special and difficult technique.

Q. What is the “faux pas” when wearing a hat?
A. Telling ourselves that we don’t have a hat head! Otherwise, one of the big mistake is when we wear a bibi hat with the rope passed under the chin rather than behind the nape.

For more information about Lucie Grégoire and her training courses, visit her website: