The artisans serie | Proud to collaborate with Interlux

Interlux is one of the last custom trimmings workshop to produce and develop in Quebec. Founded in 1951, the workshop is a representation of a family business where tradition, quality and personalized service are promoted. His sublime ornaments were seen in the scenery and on the clothing of the Cirque du Soleil and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. They specialize in ropes, tassels, chain braids and more.

When we visited the workshop, we wanted to learn more about his custom pieces for our serie. Here are Lorenzo’s answers to our quick Q & A:

Q. Is there a trend of 2017 in the trimmings?
A. The trend of 2017 is mainly the tassel, but we will also see the cord and the thong.

Q. Are your garnishment done by hand? If not, which ones are made by the loom?
A. The only ornament made by hand is the tassel. For the other, we use the loom but we create the design.

Q. How many types of trimmings can you do?
A. It is possible to make hundreds of adornments so there is no exact number, also each one is unique.

Q. What is the creation process for trimmings: e.g – gallon?
A. When we design ornaments, we must make the chain where we register the rings to create the style that will be installed on the machine to create a unique piece of adornment.

Q. What is the “misstep” in the use of trimmings?
A. Don’t try to copy a model produced outside the country because it will never be the same.

Q. Who is your typical customer?
A. Our clients are mainly design atelier, but we also create pieces for Cirque du Soleil, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Adidas, CCM, as well as Simon Chang.

For more information about Interlux and its products, visit its website: