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From the tradition of the Lyon silk , the Carlhian workshop specializes in the manufacture of gold, silver threads and trimmings. Founded in 1870, its magnificent creations have been seen in the reconstruction of the Versailles Castle as well on Haute Couture clothing.

Q. Is there a trend for the trimmings?
A. Our products are mainly intended for the military, liturgical, and clothing markets and our customers are looking for traditional products that meet specific features. Our items are timeless and go through the decades.

Q. Do you have a featured product in gilding?
A. The historical flagship of our company is the Silver Fine Gold finish.

Q. What products are made by hand?
A. The skeins of sliver with a 990 gold or 990 silver finish

Q. What are the creations made on trades?
A. All of our articles, our stripes and ribbons on tradesĀ and all our other articles on other machines.

Q. What is the differentiating element with the use of a Jacquard trade?
A. It allows us to make complex patterns on fabric.

Q. What is the process when creating metallic fabric?
A. Creation of the map, prototyping and weaving for the stripes.

Q. How many types of threads can you make?
A. We can create hundreds of threads.

Q. What is the creation process for a gold wire?
A. Several operations are necessary to make a gold wire, such as drawing, rolling, wrapping, depositing gold or colour according to the articles.

Q. Who is your typical client?
A. Tailors, fabricators, embroiderers, weavers, Haute Couture, jewellery, decorators, upholsterers, museum curators, visual artists.

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