The fitting of a piece

The draping of the piece on the subject is the fitting step. The tailor needs a solid experience and knowledge about the body proportions, volumes and body angles. Also, he (or she) will need a good understanding of the fabrics, the way it drapes, their advantages and their weaknesses.

In the making of a Bespoke creation, the number of fitting varies accordingly to the style  and the morphology of the subject. It usually takes between four and eight sessions to create a perfect bespoke fit. Fittings are always necessary even when the artisan is familiar with the subject’s body sstructure since all fabrics have their own personality therefore their own way to be handled .Just like when taking measurements, the subject must wear usual underwear and appropriate footwear.

The mock up (try on or fitting piece)  is hand-crafted with all main body levels using thread marks in order to see the body ratios precisely for the fitting step. This stage also allows the subject to see the evolution of the style as this process give a good overview of the final piece.

With  passing on knowledge as a business philosophy, House of Bespokenov offers training on taking measure, which includes fitting sessions bases as well. Our master tailor, Cinthya Chalifoux, teaches how to measure and analyze morphology within a 25 hours class where students are introduced  to the basic morphology types, the classic and bespoke taking measures process as well as the correction on a living model.

The exceptional creation of a Bespoke piece is achieved by pro  fitting and draping which literally results from sculpting the piece directly on the subject.

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