Development of embroidery!

The embroidery embellishment is a work of Art. Its creation starts with the inspiration of the craftsman, it comes from his environment, its research or its experiments and takes the shape of floral elements, geometrical forms, solar cards, more mystical or abstract elements.

The drafting of the pattern is a crucial moment in the creativity in order to offer a single embellishment. The craftsman evaluates the chosen fabric characteristics as well as the technique used in order to offer the desired effect; the spangle, the silk chenille or the crystal tube don’t offer the same finish advantages. The selected technique is influenced by the fabric, but also by the desired final style.

The craftsman makes a sample, which enables him to improve its technique besides offering to the customer an outline of the finished product. Once the pattern is finalized, the craftsman creates the final drawings, which will be adapted to suit the stylistic aesthetic. The final drawings must always be remade even if a customer wants an existing style of embroidery, perhaps shown on presentation garment, as each subject (client) has different measurements. The shape will therefore be scaled to fit the garment pattern.

After the final approval of the drawings, the embroiderer prepares the stencil punching small holes in the drawing in order to transfer the design. The craftsman transfers the drawing on fabric by rubbing a powder, which settles in the holes of the piece. After transferring, the craftsman can now accomplish the embroideries using the required techniques, may it be needle work or hook work.

Once the embroidery is finalized, the tailor, coat maker or dressmaker will cut the pattern piece and create the embellished garment.