Assembly embroidery loom

Assembly of an embroidery loom in a few steps.

After completing the transfer step of the embroidery design on the fabric (explained previously in our blog post, “Development of embroidery”), the craftsman begins by fixing the fabric to the cults, centring it on the loom while respecting the fabric weaving and pinning it down to stabilize the cloth. Both sides will then be sewed to hold it in place.

The embroiderer installs the sleepers that are stretched with the help of ankles or nails depending on the  loom model used. The fastening of the pulls (long strips of fabrics) make it possible to finalize the tension of the fabric.. The craftsman will basically make a drum out of the material, an even tension on both opposite axis will create a perfectly stable surface to accomplish the embroidery work.

You’re ready to create your artwork!