Men’s Trends | Fall 2017

With a strong presence of the androgynous style trend, there are several common elements linking male and female fashion trends this season. The craftsmen of the house of Bespokenov give us their favourite Fall men trends!

’70s style is going strong with the audacious and colourful suit: pleated trousers are still strong,
the use of warm colours, patterns and texture, such as tweed, are favoured. An “oversized” piece, with a straight or generous volume is used to complete this look.

The added textiles and textures that we are more likely to see and play with composing our wardrobe will be fur, feather, tweed, leather and corduroy in the shades of beige, camel, anthracite gray, off-white, burnt orange, red and plum.

Whether the fibre is a heavy or light wool, the turtleneck offers a good variety of style depending on
the arrangement of the overlay piece; a leather, a tweed or a casual jacket (essential piece alert!!)
for a successful and rich autumnal look! The fine knitting make a strong comeback, we like to play with them to complete a chic yet effortless outfit; paired with a suit or a clean denim together with a separate blazer, a fine knit ties it all together!

The quilted jacket is one of our favourite piece for its comfort and its functional character given the layering possibilities: The versatility of this piece allows a beautiful transition between a look of city and countryside. The light tweed jacket as a separate blazer is also on the top of our list, if not on the first place! Choosing a very light structure within the piece will allow to layer as the weather changes and give the wearer a world of possibilities!

Fall weather allows a lot of combination, therefore room to explore! Gentlemen, we hope you will have fun celebrating your individuality and personal style!