The Bespoke Tradition

A bespoke garment goes beyond adjusting an existing style to our body basic measurements. This type of creation requires issuing an extremely precise basic pattern of our morphology and developing afterwards a style that is especially created for the client, therefore for its owner only. This pattern will not only be made with our body measurements, it also follows our body angles and natural posture. Following this bespoke tradition, the try on are planned in order to shape the garment until we reach the level of aesthetic and comfort wanted; the number of try on varies depending the style’s level of complexity. By tradition, the number of try on varies from six to eight, depending on the complexity of the morphology, cut and style.

Tradition also requires specialization, if the material to be used requires a special function or treatment, or we wish embellish the piece with distinctive specialized trimmings perhaps, we turn to the proper artisan to achieve the craftsmanship at its highest level possible.