The Team

Cinthya Chalifoux is founder, designer and tailor at House of Bespokenov. Curious about ancient crafts and fashion history, she becomes a young apprentice in a fur shop while also studying pattern making. She then has the chance to meet a master who changes her vision of the couture world. After studying the tailor ways, she makes a point to transfer her menswear knowledge to her women’s fashion vision. She CO founds CIN Tailors and takes the lead of design from 2009 to 2014. She perfection her technique at "La fédération nationale des maîtres tailleurs de France" in autumn 2016.

Kamil Demel, professional art embroiderer at House of Bespokenov develop his passion for the clothing art with his interest about the Haute Couture world and the sacerdotal vestment. At 19 years old, he study fashion at Marie-Victorin but he quite a few months later to learn the professional artisanal. He becomes the apprentice of Jeanne Bellavance who told him the basics of embroidery. He perfection his art at Lesage’s school of Paris where he obtains his professional qualification in Haute Couture embroidery in autumn 2016.